The Grand Lady in her original rigging (KG)

Climbing the ratlings on the EAGLE (KG)

Working aloft on a yard (KG)

Standing on the foot ropes reefing the sail - KG

Working on the chaffing gear (KG)

Norwegian steam aft - TW

When the sea was calm, Elmer got us there.(KG)

Shooting the stars (KG)

Studying below decks (KG)

Holy stoning the teak deck (KG)

From Grabbs collection

Boat crew at rest (again) (JG)

A rare time to relax

CIC on the acompanying cutter

1C Cruise by Hal Olsen from Foster collection

Back in the barracks - studying

Ring dance, class of '53

Several second class men and their dates at the Ring Dance

Time out

Our Ring Dance

Remember the Formals and the Dance Books

The Receiving Line

From Jim Grabb's collection

In Holland

A platoon of '53ers

Relaxing at the range. Fisher, Smith, Ridyard & others

Cape May Range

Cape May Range

Target duty Cape May

Hal Olson wins again

The Quadrangle

Bob West inspecting the paint on CAMPBELL

We're now aviators. Well, almost. Elizabeth City

Bill Bruinsma entering plane

Standby Boat Crew L to R Ed Stone, Rick Cueroni, DW Smith & Don Logan (TW)

Not so Ready Boat Crew (TW)

Boggs? and Wojnar - hired hands (TW)

Furling sail - TW

Time off - L to R Hank Fisher, Bud Grader, DW Smith (TW)

Mowell Fisher Wojnar & Begien (TW)

Bodies at rest (TW)

Flanagan & Wojnar (TW)

Senorita and freindly admirers (TW)

Evening Colors

Academy Drill Team

Coast Guard Academy Entrance