FREDERICKSBURG, VA - April 26 to 30, 2010

"TIMELESS" is the perfect description for the  area ....... In 1608 Captain John Smith sailed up the uncharted Rappahannock River to Fredericksburg ............ George Washington's boyhood home is here as well as his mother, Mary’s home ..... famous Civil War battles were fought here .... the F.B.I. Academy, the Marine Corps Museum, and the Quantico Marine Corps base are all nearby. We visited the Dahlgren Naval Warfare Center and the Lee family’s beautiful Stratford Hall, each followed by delicious Northern Neck lunches and guided tours of Fredericksburg’s with many interesting features. 

Ted Smith  and Bill King put together an outstanding reunion package that showed us the highlights of the area and its fascinating history. It also gave those who attended the reunion an opportunity to renew the strong friendships and bonds that we have developed with our classmates over the years.

We had 58 people attend, more than any other mini-reunion. Because of the unexpected large number, two Inns were used to house our attendees, The Inn at the Old Silk Mill, and The Kenmore Inn.

The reunion schedule was a busy one which kept us on the go - so many places to see in such a short time. The variety was well thought out and very interesting.

Photographs of most attendees are below as are the photos of places visited.

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Attendees (and Ed & Becky Daniels)

Paul & Donna Arnold

Roger & Shirley Bascom

Bob & Beverly Benson

Mike & Kaye Boggs

Dan Briganiti

Bill & Ann Clark

Ed & Roz Cope

Rick & Beth Cueroni

Dick & Meris Donnelly

Wendell & Yvonne Driggers

Jim & Shirley Grabb

Kirk & Jackie Greiner

Ralph & Diane Hill

Roger & Esther Holmes

Bernie & Peggy Hoyland

Bill & Helen King

Bill & Andree Kohl

Dick & Donna Littlefield

Roger Madson

Bud & Betsy Mathieu

Kermit & Arlene Meade ('51)

Hal & Sheila Olson

Nina Roland & her daughter Teresa Cole

Bill & Margie Russell

Ted & Mary Smith

Wade & Sally Smith

Wee & Jane Smith

Ilma Striker+

Bob West

Monday, 4/26/2010
2:00 Check In, Inn at The Olde Silk Mill and Kenmore Inn

Wakefield hospitality room at Silk Mill Inn open for schmooze and refreshments

6:00- 8:30 Build-your-own buffet dinner in the Wakefield Room, visit, brief class meeting

Tuesday, 4/27/2010
6:00 Continental breakfasts at both Inns
7:30 Load Marine Corps bus at Silk Mill
7:45 Load bus at Kenmore Inn
9:00 Check in FBI Academy on USMC Quantico Base for briefing &video
10:30 Briefings on MC OCS and Marine Helicopter Squadron, lunch at the mess
2:30 -5:00 Self-tour National Museum oft he Marine Corps
5:00 Cash bar at the Tun Tavern in the Museum (earlier if you're tired and thirsty)

5:40 Depart for restaurant
6:00 Dinner at the Globe &Laurel, cash bar
7:30-8:00 return to the Inns, Wakefield Room open

Wednesday 4/28/2010
6:00 Continental breakfast at both Inns
7:30 Load bus at Silk Mill Inn
7:45 Load at Kenmore inn
8:00 Depart for Dahlgren. Guide will board at B Gate and direct the base tour, including the Aegis
Training &Readiness Center and the Main GunLine.
12:15 Lunch at Gray's Landing, then depart for Fredericksburg Visitor's Center
Disembark for
Rest Rooms, then expert Tour Guide will guide the bus. approx. 21/2 hours
4:30 Return to the Inns for R&R
6:30 Load up for dinner at La Petite Auberge, Charles &William St. (driver included)

8:00 Return to Inns, Wakefield Room open


Thursday 4/29/2010
8:30 Load at Inns, Kenmore first
9:00 Depart for Stratford Hall, discussions enroute
10:00 Divide into three groups to separately tour the Visitor Center, the Grounds, and the Great

House, and then bus to the Dining Room

12:00Lunch, and talk by Director
1:00 Return to Fredericksburg Visitors Center, with stop at Wakefield Visitor Center
2:30 After Rest Rooms, guided tour#2 of Battlefield areas
4:30 Return to Inns

5:15 Load for drive to Marine Corps Museum

6:00 Dinner at Museum Overlook, cash bar in Tun Tavern open
7:30-8:00 return to Inns. Wakefield Room open