February 2008

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In Memoriam Mrs. Barbara Jean DeYoung December 6, 2007

In Memoriam Mrs. June Flanagan December 28, 2007


2007 ended on a down-note for our class as we lost two of our ladies.

Ted DeYoung (9064 East 6th St., Tuscon, AZ 85710, 520-721-4006; tdeyoung1@cox.net) called to say that Barbara, his wife of 27 years, who had been fighting an acute respiratory problem, died from congestive heart failure on December 6th. A memorial service was held for Barbara on December 10th at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Tucson, AZ. Her internment was private at the East Lawn Palm Cemetery. In addition to Ted, Barbara is survived by two sons, two daughters, two sisters, five grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers, donations in Barbara’s memory may be made to Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 310, Churchton, MD 20733.

June Flanagan, 73, died December 28th, 2007, at her home in Winchester, MA. The probable cause of her death was a heart attack. June had been a widow since Jay’s death in 1995. In recent months she had been in declining health and was house-bound, but she still managed to maintain her wonderful sense of humor. She was a strong dvocate for holding the annual Jay Flanagan - Wee Smith Men’s Invitational Golf Tournament (now in its 15th year) and generously endowed the presentation of an award each year in Jay’s memory. She is survived by her son, Brian Flanagan (1 Wolcott Rd., Winchester, MA 01890; 781.729.2113) and his wife Corinne; and her daughter Peggy and her husband Tim Barrows, and their daughters Katie and Haley. A Memorial Service was scheduled to beheld for June on Saturday, February 2nd at St. Mary’s Church, Winchester, MA. Her interment was private. In lieu of flowers, donations in June’s memory may be made to the Winchester Winton Club, c/o Pam Donaldson, P.O. Box 714, Winchester, MA 01890.

Planning is underway for our 55th reunion which will be held in conjunction with the Academy’s Homecoming (Thursday to Saturday, October 2-4, 2008). “Early birds” may want to plan to come in on Wednesday,

October 1st. More details will follow by separate correspondence in the next few months, but in the meantime, please note the dates on your calendars.


Misc. Bits and Pieces about our classmates (in alphabetical order).


Bill & Romy Bruinsma took a 5-day “Halloween Cruise” to Mexico. Their 2008 travel plans include a trip to Germany in May. Bill is considering going from there to Southern Africa, but adds, “I may be too old and feeble to

spend two weeks in a tent.”

Bill & Ann Clark’s grandson, Michael Higbie, is mid-way through 2/c year at CGA. He’s been selected to sail in this year’s Newport to Bermuda race and also is a member of the Academy’s club lacrosse team.

Al & Sharon Cousins’ Christmas card from Garden City, Idaho, reported, “Little of note happens to us in what was once the ‘Wild West.’ Back east the kids (3) and grandkids (6) continue to grow, while on both coasts, the

seasons pass.”

Over Christmas, Rick & Beth Cueroni enjoyed a Holland-America Line Caribbean cruise with their daughters Nancy and Donna. Port stops included Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Grand Turk.

Wendell & Yvonne Driggers continue their volunteer activities. Yvonne with the Reston, VA, homeless shelter and Smithsonian Fossil Lab and Wendell at the Reston Regional Library “doing all sorts of library stuff — shelving books, monitoring the Xerox machine, answering questions, etc.” In October they flew to Athens, Greece for Parthenon and Crete visit, then a two-week cruise aboard the National Geographic vessel Endeavor with stops in Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Menorca, Spain, past Gibraltar to Lisbon, Portugal.

Frank Frauenfelder (8387 Fig St., Arvada, CO 80005) continues in a long term rehab facility for his Parkinson’s Disease and greatly enjoys hearing from classmates. After reading the Mitchell report on major league baseball, Frank said “I think I’ll start taking steroids to improve my softball pitching performance.”

Following surgery in November to remove a malignant brain tumor, Bud Grader has been recuperating at home (11 Highland Terr., Marblehead, MA 01945; charlesgrader@hotmail.com )  and is extremely appreciative of the

notes and cards from friends and classmates.

Kirk & Jackie Greiner celebrated their 6th anniversary (January 2nd) in Tenerife, Canary Islands while on a cruise that also included another of our cadet cruise ports, Funchal, Madeira. Kirk said, “I remember that in Funchal on our cadet cruise, I had no money so I bartered my old Argus C-3 camera, flash, and bag for a banquet linen table cloth (12 napkins) and some other linens. The banquet tablecloths now sells for over $3,000.”

Hap & Virginia Hazard are looking forward to Virginia’s knee repair this spring so they can travel again.

After attending our Tenn. Mini-Reunion, Ralph & Diane Hill visited Ted & Mary Frances Smith and Bill & Helen King at their homes on the Northern Neck of Virginia. In October, while the Hills were on a Caribbean cruise, Ralph wore his ’53 blazer patch and his ’53 tie to dinner one evening. The conversation with one of their tablemates turned to the Coast Guard. The gentleman said that his brother had attended the Academy and after some more discussion it turned out that the gentleman was Mickey Foster, our classmate Bud Foster’s brother! What a small world!

Roger Holmes said “my oldest daughter sends me nautical books on birthdays and Christmas. She reads them first (I think she’s a vicarious saltwater windjammer sailor at heart), then I read them, and finally I send them on to Frank Frauenfelder through Jan, thence to be gifted to a local library.” Books that Roger has sent include: a book about the whaling ship Globe mutiny in 1824, a book about the Battle of Trafalgar and one about the whaling ship Essex (rammed and sunk by a sperm whale bull, basis of Melville’s Moby Dick).

Bernie Hoyland reported a unique way to meet long lost relatives. While getting an antibiotic shot following an accident, he said, “the nurse came in, looked at her clipboard, and said, ‘My maiden name was Hoyland … I’ll bet that we’re related … Darryl Hoyland is my father and Art Hoyland is my Grandfather.’ I said, “Darryl is my cousin and Art is my Uncle.”  Bernie wants to know “How many people get to meet a long lost relative with a welcoming shot in the tail?”

Bob & Marilyn Iden spent 3 weeks in Malaysia, and said other than adjusting to the 12-hour time change they are none the worse for wear. Bob said, “We went to Bangkok, Shing Mai [northwest corner of Thailand], then flew to Phuket and boarded a 4-masted clipper ship similar to the Eagle but 25% larger [36,000 square feet of sail] for seven days. Sailed [motored as wind was light most of the way] between Sumatra and Malaysia on the Andamen Sea to Singapore. I even climbed the ratlines to the 1st platform just to say that I still could and snorkeled several times in beautiful remote islands. Flew to Hong Kong for several days and then home. Other than the ship, Singapore was our favorite, it’s the second busiest harbor in the world. Even had dinner and a Singapore sling at the elegant hotel Raffles built about 1885. All the cities were beautifully decorated for Christmas in spite of the religious differences and Christian minority and quite expensive compared to previous visits. Asia is really the awakening giant, great vitality, blending modern culture with the ancient, safe, people work hard but are polite and pleasant, building everywhere with bad air pollution. The hotels are very modern and beautiful at least the ones we saw. If the United States doesn’t wake up soon it will be too late as Asia isn’t going to wait, our policies should recognize that Asia is on the move and will be [is] a world-class power. I only hope that the next congress and executive branch can start to solve the huge problems such as war, oil, pollution, health care, etc. so our grandchildren can enjoy the advantages we enjoy. I didn’t mean to get into a tirade but seeing Asia first hand does make you think and I guess that is the real purpose of travel.”

Jim & LaVerne Irwin are settling in their new “digs” (890 N. Granada Dr., Chandler, AZ 85226, 480-656-2343; jcilmg@cox.net). Jim said he’s already learned two words in Spanish, Felice Navidad.

Pat Kearney reports that “all’s well except my golf handicap is creeping up.”

Bill & Helen King’s 2008 travel plans include Family Association reunions in Sudbury, MA, and Salt Lake City, UT, a trip to Paris with their local travel group, and attending our 55th reunion in New London.

In Dick Kott’s Christmas card, he said he’s in excellent health but that he’s wearing hearing aids now. Huh? and the Arthur Itis in his right shoulder is giving him some problems.

Bob Lynch says “Many Americans wish they could help in getting the message out to our federal Government by participating in border watches here on the border. Unfortunately many cannot travel or afford to come down to the border to participate … UNTIL NOW. My wife, Iris, and her son, Jon C. Healy, have changed that with the advent of www.technopatriots.com. Check it out, you can now be in Cochise County, Arizona, U.S.A.”

Roger & Jerry Mowell’s granddaughter, Betsy, who is “almost five,” proclaimed that Roger & Jerry are almost old.” Roger & Jerry say, “being ‘almost old’ multiplies our thanks for the countless blessings we have received.” Roger is doing “a little consulting” and in October made an around-the-world business trip Korea, China, and Spain.

Harry & Barbara Oldford are settling in and active in their new place in Winter Park Towers, FL. Harry has been elected to the Resident Council and is Co-Captain of the Towers pontoon boat which does lake tours for the residents twice a month. Barbara continues her volunteer work at the Winter Park Hospital and is a “Rooftop Ringer” (chime ringing as opposed to bell ringing).

On January 18th, Hal & Sheila Olson’s son, CDR Dan Olson, USN relieved as CO, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 22 in Norfolk, VA.

Nina Rowland has sold her place in Mesa, AZ, and in February she’ll be moving to Canada. Her address there will be 9-1700 Prichard Rd., Cowichan Bay, BC VOR1N1, (e-mail: ninjrow7@msn.com).

Bill & Margie Russell reported: “2007 is behind us without any major trips to Sick Bay … Now that’s a big thing around here!” Their grandson, Travis Russell, (Neil’s son) is now half-way through his 4/c year at the Academy, and is doing very well.

Bob & Mimi Schmidt spent eight days in Sedona, AZ (including a spectacular trip to the Grand Canyon) while visiting some friends they and Harry & Barbara Oldford first met while on a Rhine River cruise in 2003.

Wade Smith is back playing bridge again. “Sally needed a partner and said that all her other partners were just as bad as I am. So, how could I not join the party?”

Al Stirling wonders from College Station, TX, “if Texas A&M will ever have a good football team again.” With Pat now wheel-chair bound, he doubts that they’ll be able to attend our 55th reunion.

Gene Trainor (14 Wellesley Rd., Scituate, MA 02066) continues his slow recovery from the surgery he had to relieve the pressure on his brain. Barbara gets him out everyday and Bob West has faithfully visited him frequently.

For Ted & Colette Wojnar 2007 was a “roller-coaster” year. A great stay at Hillsboro, FL in the spring was marred when Colette took a fall down the porch steps and spent 10 days in the hospital. On a positive note, during the summer, Ted & Colette celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their children and grandchildren at the Great Island Ocean Club on Nantucket Sound on Cape Cod which included an old time New England Clambake. Then, unfortunately, their year ended on a “downer” when in December, after returning from shopping, Colette fell and fractured her right arm.

In closing, as we age, some of the jokes seem to be a little “closer to the mark.” For instance: Jim & LaVerne Irwin sent this:

“If my body were a car … this is the time I would be thinking about trading it in for a newer model. I’ve got bumps and dents and scratches in my finish and my paint job is getting a little dull … But that’s not the worst

of it. “My headlights are out of focus and it’s especially hard to see things up close. “My traction is not as graceful as it once was. I slip and slide and bump into things even in the best of weather. “My whitewalls are stained with varicose veins. “It takes me hours to reach my maximum speed. My fuel rate burns inefficiently.

“But here’s the worst of it — almost every time I sneeze, cough or sputter … either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires