June 2008


CAPT W.E. Smith

19 Coachman Pike, Ledyard, CT 06339

Ph: 860.464.8425; Fax: 860.464.8425

E-mail: jdsbridge@aol.com

Web site: www.cga53.org


As of early May these 41 classmates or widows had indicated they probably will attend our 55th reunion: Paul Arnold, Ken Barrett, Roger Bascom, Bob Benson, Mike Boggs, Gene Bowers, Dan Briganti, Bill Clark, Dan Colussy, Rick Cueroni, Ed Cope, Ted DeYoung, Dick Donnelly, Wendell Driggers, Hank Fisher, Jim Grabb, Kirk Greiner, Ralph Hill, Roger Holmes, Bernie Hoyland, Clay Hughes, Bill King, Bill Kohl, Bill Lehr, Bob Lynch, Roger Madson, Barbara Mann, Roger Mowell, Ed Nelson, Hal Olson, Bill Reilly, Bob Schmidt, Ted Smith, Wee Smith, Dimpy Spadafora, Fred Sponholz, Ray Stevens, Dave Stryffeler, Dave Tredeau, Bob West, and Dave Zurzuski. 20 plan to arrive on October 1st, 13 on October 2nd, 3 on October 3rd, 1 October 4th, and 4 were ‘not sure’ when they would arrive. Final plans for our reunion are being ‘snail-mailed’ to our classmates. On May 3rd a “ribbon-cutting ceremony” was held for the press box for the soccer field and track for which our class donated $98,000. Bob

Benson, Wee Smith, and Ray Stevens were able to attend. Thanks to the Superintendent, RADM Scott Burhoe, Athletic Director, Dr. Ray Cieplik, and Alumni Association President, Jim Sylvester for the recognition given to our class and for making the ceremony special .


Misc. Bits and Pieces about our classmates (in alphabetical order).


Paul Arnold has resumed working on his novel and will greatly appreciate hearing from classmates about stories from our cadet cruises. Send them to Paul via e-mail to dba1043@yahoo.com or via “snail mail” to 8932 Amadore Circle #1309C, Huntington Beach, CA 92646.

Darrell Babcock (144 Twilight Place, Woodlands, TX 77381, e-mail babcocksr.darrell@yahoo.com ), sent the following in early May: “I’ll be going back to Texas Heart for my third heart overhaul. This time they will probably use Velcro. I got 11 years out of the last one. Sheila & I are fine, but I don’t travel so well these days so unfortunately I will not be able to attend the 55th reunion.”

Roger & Shirley Bascom, Ralph & Diane Hill, and Ted & Mary Frances Smith had an exciting tour of Costa Rica in March. Ask them to tell you about it!

Dick & Jan Bowers have a new e-mail address: bayview181@yahoo.com.

While Gene Bowers was stopped at a red light, his car was rear-ended. Gene wasn’t hurt, but his car suffered $6,800 damage.

In May, Bill & Romy Bruinsma made a two-month trip to Germany. They rented (lease/buy-back) a brand new Pegout sedan for the entire period. It used diesel fuel, which in Europe is less expensive than gasoline. While in Germany, they also took a one-week trip to Morocco with a German tour group. In May, while enroute to a trip to Mexico, Rick & Beth Cueroni visited Jim & LaVerne Irwin in Chandler, AZ.

In mid-July, Wendell & Yvonne Driggers will be going to the Ukraine on a Joint Service Academies travel tour.

Hank & Gloria Fisher cruised the Danube River to the Black Sea in May. Their new e-mail address is: uscga53@verizon.net.

Frank Frauenfelder (8387 Fig St.,Arvada, CO 80005) continues in a long-term rehab facility for his Parkinson’s Disease. He greatly appreciates hearing from classmates and he was euphoric about finally winning a wager from Wee Smith (NCAA basketball tournaments) but his euphoria was short-lived because he lost it back on the Kentucky Derby.

Bud Grader (11 Highland Terrace, Marblehead, MA 01945, e-mail: charlesgrader@hotmail.com) says his doctors have been very encouraged by the results of his latest MRI and his recovery from his brain tumor surgery. Bud is so upbeat about his situation that he and Rita Mehos planned to make a spring trip to his mountain retreat in Bossost, Spain.

Pat Kearney’s new e-mail address is jkear23204@cox.net. Rin Keyzer (439 Woodland Dr., Dillsburg, PA 17019) would appreciate hearing from classmates. He’s been dealing with some dementia problems and this month he & Bert will be moving to Messiah Village, a continuing care community in Mechanicsburg, PA.

On February 14th, Gerry Lipsett slipped on some ice in his driveway, fell, and broke his neck. Since then he has made a slow but miraculous recovery that is a monument to science and his determination. He had surgery at Mass. General Hospital to repair his broken neck and to attach a halo to immobilize his head movements. On March 5th he was moved to Spaulding Rehab Center in Boston, MA, where he received physical therapy, respiratory therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy six days a week. In May he was moved to the VA Hospital in West Roxbury, MA, where he will continue to receive therapy. He can move himself in a wheelchair and is making progress in moving his arms. One of Gerry’s goals is to be able to attend our 55th reunion, and we’re betting that he’s going to make it. Notes of encouragement can be sent to Gerry at his home address (34 Pond St., Cohasset, MA 02025).

Nina Rowland has been in Canada since March 1st, (9-1700 Prichard Rd., Cowichan Bay, B.C. VOR1N1). Her e-mail address is ninjrow@shaw.ca. Since getting there she said she has seen “just about all kinds of weather, lots of rain, cold, snow, hail, strong winds, lost the electricity, and is definitely ready for spring, sun and warm weather.”

On March 24th, 57 years after Wade Smith first proposed to Sally DeWitt, they were married in their home in Bluffton, SC, (23 Holly Ribbons Circle, Bluffton, SC 29909; capiwade@hargray.com). For a wedding gift, her son, who lives in Brussels, Belgium, sent Wade & Sally round-trip tickets to visit him there. While there, they are going to take a side trip to St. Petersburg, Russia for five days.

Dimpy Spadafora (7203 193rd Place SW, Lynwood, WA 98036) has been keeping busy with trips to Grand

Rapids, MI, Chicago, IL, and New Orleans, LA, as a part-time consultant on a national dental fluoride study project.

Gene Trainor (14 Wellesley Rd., Scituate, MA 02066) continues his slow recovery from the surgery he had to relieve the pressure on his brain. Barbara gets him out every day and Bob West has been a faithful visitor.

Dave & Millie Zurzuski (66 Mullen Hill Rd., Waterford, CT 06385) finally have an e-mail address! (zurzuski@yahoo.com). He said they both are doing fine: his saw sharpening business is “semi-retired”; and, he’s doing some consulting for the Science Applications International Corp. here in Conn.