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In Memoriam Mrs. Joan Cope May 30, 2007


In Memoriam Mr. Pete Hall December 11, 2006


In Memoriam Mrs. Ruth Edith Smith May 15, 2007


In the June issue of The Bulletin we reported that Joan Cope was on continuous oxygen 24/7. On May 30th, Ed Cope (P.O. Box 1156, Oak Harbor, WA 98277; Tel. 360-632-5370, e-mail:  sent this letter to Family and Friends: “It was a Joan kind of day here on Whidbey, sunny, rhododendrons finishing their blooming season, and the pastures full of young calves strutting about, all things that brought a smile to her face. Joan didn’t make it thru this day, but that’s OK because it was a Joan kind of day. “Joan passed away at 9 a.m., one day shy of her 76th Birthday, finally losing her battle with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. She was here in our cottage, being guided thru the process in the last ten days, by our wonderful Island Hospice people, and me at her side. “She didn’t leave without being her usual feisty self: 7:30 a.m. got her own pills out and took them, 8:15 a.m. tested her sugar level, all a struggle, but when I tried to help, my instructions were to “back off, I’ve been doing this every day for a year and can handle it, thank you.”

“Her children, Mat and Leslie (live 2-1/2 hours south) were here to visit her Monday, stayed overnight, a real boost to her morale. They left yesterday to get back to their families, Joan doing relatively good, rushed back immediately when I gave them the news. The have been “bricks” “Typical Joan, “There will be no memorial anything, no flowers, etc.” She has donated her body to the University of Washington Medical School (her unusual disease of interest to study), when done, remains cremated and Mat, Leslie and I will proceed to Steens Mountain National Wildlife Preserve in SE Oregon to sprinkle her ashes by the site of where her first husband, Jack’s ashes were laid in 1990 by Joan and the children.

“We had nearly 7 great years together, doing interesting travels/experiences. Loved her dearly, can’t imagine what I would have done these past years without her. She was an intensely loyal friend, regretted leaving her sizeable following developed in the 40+ years in Reno; embraced the Coast Guard, after exposure through me, and was especially appreciative of my classmates and wives who welcomed her into the fold with warmth. “Addressing the usual subject of remembrances … With instructions of “no anything!” stated above, not much room remains. She and I agreed to recognize our Island Hospital & Home Health Care/Hospice program with warranted generosity ahead of time. “However, her daughter, Leslie, and son, Mat (both University of Nevada grads) recalled that, during her 25 years as an administrative assistant at U. Nevada, Joan chaffed quite a bit at the inequality posed with the professional staff

and families getting free tuition for any courses at the University while the unclassified employees had to pay their own way to do the same. “So, today, Leslie called and established a University of Nevada Scholarship Fund in Joan’s name. The fund will narrowly stipulate that it is not for students etc., but “only” for unclassified employees who would like to further their education and could use financial assistance to do so. The employee in charge wasn’t sure how to do that because she had not been asked to do something for employees before, but with Leslie’s persistence, was confident it could be done. “The Scholarship Fund has been set.

There is no appeal for you to participate. If you do feel so inclined, we send the following: Joan Metcalfe Cope Scholarship Fund, UNR Foundation, MS162, Reno, NV 89557.

“Today was a sunny day. It had sadness but it generated memories that only a person like Joan could engender. I am doing OK. I am already doing stupid things for no good reason and I will continue that tomorrow. In the days ahead I will be hit by the void. Having been through this process before, I hope I will be better prepared, but I doubt it. It is a road that must be traveled and I will do it. “I have made no decisions about the future except I will make nonesuch for a year. Kind of like it here and it’s nice for a Coast Guardsman to be so near the saltwater. Only item on my list is about three days sleep. Being a caregiver has been a labor of love for me but it’s not for sissies.

“I hope you and your families are fine. I wish all health and good doses of happiness. Love & Hugs, Ed Cope

On June 15th, we received this note from Pete Hall’s widow, Melna (P.O. Box 218, Waitsfield, VT 05673): “I am sorry to tell you that Peter died on December 11, 2006. He underwent what was to be a simple cardiac cauterization looking for plaque. The plaque was minimal, but he never recovered.” After leaving CGA in 1951, Pete attended and graduated from the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, ME, in 1954 with a commission as Ensign, USNR. After serving three years on active duty in the Navy and five years in the Merchant Marine, Pete worked for 18 years in the packaging production industry; lived aboard his boat with Melna for two years; co-owned a limestone apartment building in Greenwich Village, NY; bought a ski bar (“Gallaghers”) in Mad River Valley, Vermont, built a 100-seat restaurant on the first floor and ended up in Playboy’s magazine list of 15 Best Ski Bars in the U.S.; in 1990, after operating “Gallaghers” for 10 years, sold it; and since then had been making and selling custom furniture through a local Farmer’s market, skiing, and spending “stick/mud season” in a condo on Grace Bay, Providenciales, T.C.I., BWI.

Wade Smith (23 Holly Ribbons Circle, Bluffton, SC 29909, e-mail:  advised that his wife, Ruth Edith, died suddenly on May 15th from respiratory distress syndrome — pneumonia — after a month in the ICU. She was buried in her homeland of Puerto Rico.


 Misc. ’53 Activities and Events:


The P.O.W. Memorial which our class has funded has been completed. It is to honor those Academy alumni who are known to have been prisoners of war: James Crotty, ’34 (who died in a Japanese P.O.W camp following the

Bataan Death March in World War II), and our classmate, Jimmy Hiteshew, (who spent six years as a P.O.W. in Viet Nam). It’s located on the second deck of Chase Hall, where the bank of telephones were when we were cadets.

Thirteen classmates played in the 14th Annual Jay Flanagan - Wee Smith Men’s Invitational Golf  Tournament.

The “See Tennessee with Fifty Three” Mini-Reunion (September 17 to 21) which Roger & Juanita Madson are coordinating, has had a good response. As of July 2nd we had received registrations from Paul & Donna Arnold, Roger & Shirley Bascom, Bill & Ann Clark, Ed Cope, Rick & Beth Cueroni, Ed & Becky Daniels, Bud Grader and Rita Mehos, Kirk & Jackie Greiner, Ralph an&d Diane Hill, Bernie & Peggy Hoyland, Bill & Helen King, Bill & Andree Kohl, Bob & Iris Lynch, Roger & Juanita Madson, Bill & Fran Plummer, Bill & Mickey Reilly, Ted & Mary Frances Smith, and Wee & Jane Smith.


Misc. Bits and Pieces about our classmates:


Rick & Beth Cueroni celebrated their 54th wedding Anniversary on June 6th.

Ed & Becky Daniels e-mail address is now

On March 23rd, Ed Farmer permanently relocated to Bangkok, Thailand, and is adjusting to its tedious banking rules and procedures. He said the costs of living and medical care are much lower there and there is no shortage of “western” shopping either for food or normal living goods and several giant department stores rival “Harrods” of London. Ed can best be reached via e-mail at

Hank & Gloria Fisher celebrated their 54th anniversary on June 6th with a trip to the Canadian Rockies.

Bud Grader was in Sapoda, Spain, for a month in May/June upgrading the plumbing in his mountain retreat there. In August he and his friend Rita Mehos attended music festivals in Salzburg, Austria, and Edinborough, Scotland.

Kirk & Jackie Greiner were off in their motorhome in early June to Salt Lake City to attend the Rotary International Convention. Upon returning home, they flew to New Jersey to attend the high school graduation of Kirk’s granddaughter, Jamie, who will be heading to the University of Miami in August. In July Kirk & Jackie will be motor-homing in the Yakima Valley, WA, sampling a variety of wines with some friends.

In late August, early September, Bill & Helen King made a trip to Greece.

Barbara Mann’s new e-mail address is In June she visited the Museum at the Academy to donate a painting she had purchased in Graeme’s memory.

On July 2nd, Bill & Margie Russell’s grandson, Travis Russell was sworn in as a member of CGA’s Class of 2011 and Bill & Ann Clark’s grandson, Michael Higbie, Class of 2009, was a member of the Academy’s “Swab Summer” waterfront cadre.

Ted & Colette Wojnar celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on August 17th. This spring, while vacationing in Hillsborough, FL, she fell down a flight of stairs and injured her back and hip. Fortunately, she did not break any bones, and with physical therapy is slowly feeling better. Their grandchildren have just finished outstanding athletic seasons. Jeff, a sophomore at Babson College, was a 2nd Team All-NEWMAC Conference pitcher; Jeff’s younger sister, Lisa, a junior at Episcopal H.S. in Houston, TX, was selected as the school’s Female-Athlete-of-the-Year and her softball team won the Texas Independent Schools State Championship; and grandson, Bryan, won the Virginia State High School 500 meter freestyle swimming championship breaking the National High School record for the event that was set back in 1994.

Glenn Young is settling in Hobart, Australia, in his daughter’s old house (they bought a larger place a couple of blocks away). He said he has two spare bedrooms for visitors and he won’t have to worry about unreliable landlords or short term leases. But, he is still an Australian “visitor” and is only entitled to stay there for 3 months on any one visit. He only has to go away for one day before returning, but the airfare turns a short absence into a somewhat pricey cost per day so he goes for longer periods. Last year he made a four-month trip around the world, and this year he made a trip to the U.S. The best way to contact Glenn is via e-mail at:  His local phone number is 03 6224 9887.