October 2009


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As I wrote these notes on Sept. 1st, these classmates had signed up to attend our Seattle Mini-Reunion (Sept. 21 to 25): Paul and Donna Arnold, Bill and Romy Bruinsma, Ed and Roz Cope, Dick and Meris Donnelly, Wendell and Yvonne Driggers, George Everett and Barbara, Kirk and Jackie Greiner, Ralph and Diane Hill, Jim and LaVerne Irwin, Bill and Helen King, Roger Madson, Bud and Betsy Ann Mathieu, Ed and Joyce Nelson, Hal and Sheila Olson, Ted and Mary Frances Smith, Wade and Sally Smith, Wee and Jane Smith, and Dimpy Spadafora.


Misc. Bits and Pieces for or about our classmates(in alphabetical order):


Sue Briganti (1216 Whetstone Dr., Arnold, MD 21012) is doing very well in rehabbing the broken leg and wrist that she suffered from falls. Dan has decided to put his boating days in "his past" and has put his "fleet" up for sale, (i.e., a Catalina 22 and a Brindle 16 catamaran). Bill Bruinsma (2882 Dartmouth Dr.,  Oceanside, CA 92056, e-mail: 4the2bears@cox.net) is "happy and proud to announce Romy became a US citizen on August 19th. She took the oath in San Diego along with 1,088 others from 90 countries." We add our heartiest congratulations!!

After returning from a Mediterranean cruise in August, Rick Cueroni, (5305 Fleet Landing Blvd., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, e-mail: cue53@bellsouth.net), experienced a urinary tract infection so he and Beth had to cancel attending our Seattle mini-reunion and an Alaskan cruise they had planned to take before it.

Bud Grader is home (11 Highland Terrace, Marblehead, MA 01945) and continues his battle with a malignant brain tumor. On 8/25, Wee Smith picked up Gerry Lipsett in Cohasett, MA and they drove up to Marblehead to visit Bud. In spite of needing a walker to get around, Bud was in good spirits. He and Gerry, who were Marblehead H.S. classmates (Class of '49), had an especially good time reminiscing about those high school days 60 plus years ago, like the time that Bud, who has always "lived on the edge", managed to hoist a Russian flag on the flag pole on the top of Marblehead H.S. without getting caught. In early September Bud was awaiting his doctors' recommendations concerning whether to install a shunt to relieve the fluid pressure on his brain and what type of treatment he should have next. Please continue to keep Bud in your prayers. Notes and cards should be sent to him at his home.

On September 1st, Kirk and Jackie Greiner (18225 Sunset Way, Edmonds, WA 98026, e-mail: kirk.Greiner@gmail.com) left on a two week trip to Russia. They were due home Sept. 17th, just prior to our Seattle Mini-Reunion. Before leaving, he did a wonderful job of tying down all the "loose ends" for our Seattle Mini-Reunion!

In August, Ralph and Diane Hill (e-mail: 2hillsensei@comcast.net),  while on a cross-country trip in their RV from Venice, FL, to Seattle, WA, for our mini-reunion, thoughtfully stopped in Colorado to spend an afternoon visiting Frank and Jan Frauenfelder. Frank, who continues in a nursing home with his Parkinson's disease, enjoys hearing from classmates and friends. Notes and cards should be sent to him at 8837 Fig St., Arvada, CO 80005.

Roger Holmes (5590 Old Pond Rd., Dublin, OH 43017, e-mail: raholmes5926@sbcglobal.net)   said, "In Ted Turner's epic and excellent movie Gettysburg Robert E. Lee rides among the troops who have just survived the horror of Pickett's charge and asks one of the troopers how he is. The fellow replies "Tolerable, General, tolerable." That's how we are at the moment. A long-standing case of lumbar stenosis got past "tolerable" so I had a laminectomy operation in February which pretty much cured the problem. The day before our 54th anniversary in late April, Esther was hurting and suggested a trip to the ER which showed a ruptured diverticulum on the small intestine which put her in surgery that night and five days in the hospital - problem solved. We have a long planned trip to Colorado in late September with our oldest daughter, which conflicts with the mini-reunion in Seattle. We hope everyone is better than 'tolerable'!"

To beat the summer heat in Arizona, Jim and LaVerne Irwin (890 N. Granada Dr., Chandler, AZ 85226, e-mail: jcilmg@cox.net) drove east and spent the summer in Wilmington, NC, with their daughter Julie and her family.

Gerry Lipsett is now able to live by himself in his home (34 Pond St., Cohasset, MA 02025, e-mail: byglip@gmail.com) as he continues to recover from his broken neck. He uses a cane to get around, and because he still has some problems with his swallowing, he continues to need a feeding tube to

insure that he gets proper nourishment.

As we submitted these notes, Bob Lynch (1157 Carmelita Dr., Sierra Vista, AZ 85635, e-mail: irislynch@dtg-llc.com  was in critical condition with complications that developed after his esophageal cancer surgery. Bob and Iris have greatly appreciated all the cards, notes and prayers. Keep them coming!

Roger Madson, (163 Saloli Way, Loudon, TN 37774, Tel. 865-458-2305, e-mail: jawanada@charter.net)  had an out-patient surgery (laser) on his prostate and said it worked well and that he would recommend it to any man who is suffering from problems associated with an enlarged prostate. He added that Juanita is in good physical health, and she is still adjusting to being in a memory care facility and the fact that she is not home.

Ed Nelson (1160 Niagara Ave., Astoria, OR 97103 - e-mail: radmed1@msn.com) is feeling much better after being hospitalized for an infection on one of his pacemaker leads and having his artificial heart valve replaced.

Drury Williford (P.O. Box 734, Reedsville, WV 26547, e-mail: qmq3@atlanticbb.net) said, "Sixty years ago we participated in our Swab Cruise on the EAGLE. I have a large color photo of her immediately in front of my computer desk. Accordingly, there is hardly a day when I do not think of her and my shipmates. That was so long ago, yet so dear to my memory. It was a experience of a lifetime." Finally, during the first two weeks of August Jane and I spent two wonderful weeks traveling through eastern Georgia (that's the Republic of Georgia, not the U.S. state!) with our daughter, Beth, who is the elementary school principal of an international school there. While Georgia's infrastructure is below western standards, the hospitality, friendliness and pride of its people, and Georgia's scenery are unsurpassed by any place that we have ever traveled!