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    Roster of class member and widows  (rev 02/18) This is a pdf file and if it doesn't come up, make sure you have Adobe Reader, a free program on your computer. If you do have it and the roster doesn't come up, look at the bottom of the screen to see if it came up minimized. If so, click on it and it will come up. Note that the pdf screen can be enlarged or made smaller. You will see a  small window  in the upper toolbar with a % in it. You can click the + or - to the left of it, or click on the down arrow to the right of it and make a selection to magnify or reduce the screen. This applies only to PDF document viewed with the Adobe Reader. 

    Alumni Bulletin Class Notes - These are copies (without photographs) of the section in the Alumni Bulletin which provides notes on class happenings. Because these are now on the Alumni web site ->news>Alumni Bulletin (you must log in), only older issues are found on this web site.


    Wee's Metropolitan Newspaper - These are scanned copies of Wee's own class newsletter published when the spirit moves him. If you have copies that don't appear here, please send them to me (Webmaster) so I can include them.