U. S. Coast Guard Academy Class of 1953





October 2002

Hosted by The Copes Attendees


Date: Friday, September 27, 2002 12:12 AM

Over the next few days I will be sending out information (hopefully useful  & segmented by each day) about the Reno/Tahoe Area ,what is planned  for your visit and detail that might help make it more enjoyable.

Like Nevada, the fastest population growth in the U.S., Reno area is having  a growth spurt presently hovering around 300 thousand. It is at the  4500 ft level, on the East side of the Sierra (no "s" for plural) Nevada range.  Sierra Nevada means "snow capped mountains" from Spanish origin. Our "Nevada" is pronounced with a short "a" unlike the Spanish  pronunciation where it uses a long a or "ah".

As weather moves from the West (CA) the Sierra Nevada lifts the weather system and milks out the moisture, giving us a high desert climate. Very dry with lots of sunny days but cool nights as the daytime heat rapidly disappears into the atmosphere. Typically, daily highs and lows are separated by 35 to 40 degrees.  October is a beautiful month and sports the typical Fall with leaves changing colors, etc. Our October records shows a less than 1% chance of rain while your here with temperatures averaging in the high 60s in the day and high 30s at night. Lake Tahoe area, at 6000 ft. will be 3 to 5 degrees colder. There is a very good chance we may have an "Indian Summer" while your here with temps 10 to 15 degrees higher than normal. Either case expect lots of sunshine during the day.

Dress ...... Of course "Casual" for all events. The best plan is to be prepared to "layer". Its smart to always have a sweater handy in the car trunk. For our cruise on Lake Tahoe in the DIXIE II paddlewheeler, a windbreaker is also a good idea.

There's lots to see and do so extra days after our event, might be a consideration. Camera buffs should be happy. Small binoculars could be handy.

ARRIVAL ...... I assume many of you will be flying into Reno/Tahoe  International Airport. Unlike many airports today, ours is located just about the center of town. The 3 major Rental Car folks are located at the Airport with the rest a 5 minute or less ride on their courtesy vehicle.

The ATLANTIS Casino Resort, where you will be staying the first night is less than 10 minutes away from the Airport by car, cab or courtesy bus. The Atlantis has huge parking lots on East & West side so parking  is not a problem. Valet parking, like most casinos, is free but a buck or two goes a long way. You may opt to delay your rental car pickup until Monday AM. Call the ATLANTIS at 825-4700 for bus pickup or they run regularly every 30 minutes.

> If your driving in, your Nevada map blowup will show the Reno/Sparks area is sliced East - West by Interstate 80 and North - South by U.S.  395 which  is also a limited access hwy. Coming in from West, North or East you will have to go South from the intersection (locally called the "Coffee  Grinder") of these two highways, about two miles. You can easily see the multi-colored ATLANTIS towers just to the West of U.S. 395 about a block. Exit on "Moana Lane", go West to the second stoplight, left on South Virginia Street, down about 1 block to  the Main Entrance on your left.

Coming in from the South on U.S. 395 you won't get to the "Coffee Grinder" but you will see the ATLANTIS towers ahead well South of town. Also  exit on "Moana Lane" and follow the same directions.

Every one has a confirmed room at the ATLANTIS, including those coming  in a day early on Saturday. You are listed on a separate Master list with an ATLANTIS "Welcome" packet for each. Problem: ask for Bert Johnson, Front Desk Supervisor (or Supervisor on Duty). They will have the  list; if necessary, mention that Anna McArdle, Resort Sales Manager,  set all this up and confirmed same.

> When checking in, they will ask for a credit card or cash to cover "incidentals". Your room, including tax and breakfast in the "Purple Parrot Coffee Shop" is prepaid so make sure on checkout that these are not listed. We will have your Breakfast Coupons here at our "Parkwood  Condo" Clubhouse. They will be included in Wee's Welcome packet which  you will receive at our "October Fest" when you come over for hellos, food, drink, fun and outrageous stories.

> Your Monday AM ATLANTIS Breakfast Coupon will list four breakfast options for your choice. Tax and tip ARE included, so there need be  no exchange of  money at breakfast. There will be an ATLANTIS floor plan in their Welcome packet, so you can navigate to the "Purple Parrot". I'm confident you will like your room and be treated well at the ATLANTIS.

> Sunday, the Copes, Smiths & Manns will be setting up for our CGA'53/49er Oktober Fest and we expect you about 4 PM. Wee will have provided you with a map in the last letter on this event, that should get you to our Clubhouse without difficulty. It is a 2.5 block walk to the West from the ATLANTIS. If you are concerned about how to get here, call us at 827-5679. One of us will come down to guide and meet you in the Atrium just behind the Tower elevators on the main floor. The "walk" here will take about 10  minutes.

The Oktober Fest fare will be: Smoked Bratwurst, Polish or Apple/chicken/brandy sausage (made at Carson City, NV - State  Capital); Rolls; Sauerkraut, Baked onions, Potato Salad; Veggie tray/dip, other finger bites, cookies, beer, wine, soda, bottled water and equipment to deal with the above. We are the entertainment!

If you would like to take in a show "Downtown" they usually start  about 7:30 PM; takes a 10 minute Cab ride (less than $10) and you should get there about half hour before. I will provide a list of what is available early next week. We can work out the details by phone during the week. I'm at 775-827-5679 here in Reno.

Next, we'll cover Monday 7 October in SITREP 2, probably tomorrow. Have a  safe trip. We are looking forward to your visit and know that you  will have a great time! ........... ED & JOAN COPE

Subject: CGA'53/49ER - SITREP 2

Date: Sunday, September 29, 2002 9:07 PM


Reminder: Your breakfast this morning at the Atlantis "Purple Parrot" Coffee Shop is prepaid by the coupon (s) you received last night (Sunday).  Includes tax and gratuity.  No reason to get up early this day but, if you can't stand the peace & quiet of your room and not fascinated with gambling (we don't gamble but like visitors to do it .... keeps Nevada "green") you may want to drive up to the University of Nevada Campus just North of Downtown on Virginia  Street. Nice campus setting. Same street as that running North -  South in front of the Atlantis. Nevada History Museum there too, right on North Virginia.

One block West of Museum, on Sierra Street, is San Rafael Park. Beautiful place to walk.. Has about 250 acres, great Arboretum. wildlife exhibit and Wilbur May Museum on area culture/history.

If you would like to take about 3 or 4 hours out of the AM/early PM, you might consider a side trip to Virginia City, 25 miles to the Southeast, a popular visiting spot for the Cartwright's on "Bonanza". Virginia City was the "Boomtown" of the silver mining business in the late 1800s. Mark Twain hung out there a bit and ran their newspaper. Folks there have restored much of the town, cleaned it up and made it a nice visit spot, especially suggest the tractor/tram tour in the middle of  town (about 30 minutes). Directions: follow the first part of the  directions to the CalNeva Resort - I'll point it out below. Other  ideas should be available from the Atlantis concierge.

Check-in time at the CalNeva Resort Spa & Casino is around 3PM. It is  33 miles by the "best" route to the CalNeva Resort. When your ready to make the journey, come out of either Atlantis parking lot or valet point and proceed to the intersection (traffic light) at South Virginia & Peckam (right in front of the Hotel. Set the trip odometer on your auto and proceed South on South Virginia Street. You will stay on South Virginia for about 6.6 miles and quite a few stoplights. Since you will be yoyo for lunch, you might want to consider few spots along this the leg: At 0.6 miles on the right is Redfield Promenade. Turn in and head for Borders Books to your left. Next door is the "Wild Alaska Grill" Great Salmon Wrap &  salads.  At 1.1 miles on your right is the "Sage Creek Grill" in front of a  Super 8 Motel. A great burger! They grind their own sirloin, season and cook it to your order. Good garlic fries go with it. No fries ...  they'll substitute a side salad.  At 5.5 miles on your right is "Tamarack Junction Casino & Restaurant". Good food. They have their own fancy barbecue cooking equipment w/super ribs. I'd keep it to a half order though ...."big".

As you approach 6.6 miles you will see a sign that says: Right for "NV Route 431 to North Lake Tahoe via Mt Rose Highway". That's for you!  (NOTE: This is also the turn for Virginia City, NV Route 341 and a Left  turn). Take the gentle right turn just before the traffic light and head  west. It will be all up-hill for the next 16 miles. As you get into the forest area the road will start some gentle switchbacks as it climbs to the summit at 8900 feet. Enjoy the view!

At mile 19.5 from Atlantis, look for a sign on your left that says "Mt Rose East Bowl". I strongly recommend a left turn onto that road for the most spectacular view you'll see in a long time. It's a 1 mille leg.. Go to the locked gate, do a 180, back down about 100 feet to a pullout and park. You will have a super view of most of  NW Nevada! Reno to the North, Washoe Lake below, Carson City (the State Capital), Minden, Gardnerville and the CA Border including about 4 mountain ranges. To the South. A worthwhile stop.

When you get back down to the main road (NV 431) reset you trip odometer, turn left and head for the summit at 3.3 miles. Continuing on, now downhill, go about 11.5 miles where NV 431 will end. As you descend, keep your eye peeled for the first glimpse of Lake Tahoe in the distance.

At the end of NV 431urn right toward "Incline Village & North Shore". Speed limits are slow from this point so relax. At 14.4 miles (2.9 miles from your right turn) you will be at the CA/NV border. CALNEVA RESORT will be on your immediate left. Turn in, proceed to the Hotel entrance and take care of check-in routine. They will ask for a credit card or cash on check-in to cover incidentals. Plenty of parking available.

We are all scheduled to be on the Executive Level of the tower;  7th, 8th or 9th floor. I scheduled Wee & Jane into the large suite, on the designated floor, at the end of the hall from the elevator. This will also be the spot for the Hospitality room scheduled for 4 PM daily during our stay.

All Monday events will be in the CalNeva so there will be no driving requirements. Dinner this night will be in the CalNeva's "California Room" with no-host cocktails starting at 6 PM and dinner at 7 PM. The dinner menu is as follows:
    Mixed Salad with Vinaigrette & Ranch on the table
    Entree: "Le Duet" - Broiled Filet Mignon & Sautéed Shrimp Scampi
    Rosemary potatoes
    Medley of Steamed vegetables
    Dessert: Chocolate Mousse
    Freshly baked rolls & butter
    Coffee, decaf & Hot tea

The no-host bar will remain open for at least the first portion of dinner for those that would like wine or other beverage.

That ends planned activities for Monday. Enjoy! ....... ED COPE

Subject: CGA'53/49er - SITREP 3

Date: Monday, September 30, 2002 3:51 PM


Reminder: Breakfast in the Dining Room/Coffee Shop at CalNeva (Great View of Lake). Bring one of your 3 Breakfast coupons in your CalNeva packet. This entitles you to the "Shunsine Special Breakfast"; Eggs to order, choice of meat (bacon or sausage or ham), hash browns, toast, coffee, decaf, or tea. Coupon includes breakfast, tax & gratuity . No need for $$$.

Can't be too lazy this AM. We are going out on the DIXIE II Paddle wheeler out of Zepher Cove, NV which is 24.4 miles South on the East shore of the Lake. This is a relatively big Paddle wheeler - CG authorized for 400+ passengers. I'm confident there will be less than half that. NAVIGATION NOTE: We will provide you with a 9" X 14" Map of the entire Lake Tahoe Area and one of Squaw Valley, in your package we give you Sunday night. Count on at least 50 minutes to get there. Good road but low speed limits, hardly ever over 35/40. There will probably be two construction areas along the way, perhaps short delays. Note: At 5.5 miles on this journey "The Ponderosa Ranch" of "Bonanza" fame will be on your left. You may want to stop there on your return trip for a look around. CalNeva will  have some brochures on same.

We need to have you at Zepher Cove, parked and meandered down to the Picket booth area, at the head of the dock, by 10:30 AM which is when boarding will begin for a 11 AM departure. Don't forget your windbreaker, though plenty comfortable inside when you need a break. Encourage you to "carpool". There is a parking fee of $6 at Zepher Cove. After you go through the parking ticket gatehouse, prepare to turn into the parking area to your left, where there is a tall grove of  trees, to keep your vehicle out of the sun. Very soon after boarding, they will be serving us light lunch: Bakery Fresh Croissant filled with assorted cheeses, turkey breast, tomato & lettuce. Served with potato salad, coffee & beverage (beer, wine, soda or water)

This timing is good because the first half hour of the cruise is the east scenic or eventful. The DIXIE II will be taking us across the South end of the Lake to the Southwest corner and beautiful "Emerald Bay". The DIXIE II provides interesting narration almost the entire cruise. Lot of unusual history at Emerald Bay. The Captain will cruise around inside the Bay for about 20 minutes.

We are scheduled to arrive back at Zepher Cove at 1 PM. This allows an unhurried return to CalNeva. At Zepher Cove you are only 4 miles from "Southshore" the Lakes Casino/Resort Area w/Harrah's, Caesar's Palace etc; if you interested. It would also give you an opportunity to complete the circumnavigation  of the Lake and cover the less traveled West shore road back up to Tahoe City, CA and back to CalNeva Resort. There is an interesting Forrest

Service "Lookout" above Emerald Bay that is worth a check. See your CGA'53/49er map.

4 PM is Hospitality Room time again. Should be plenty of time to get in a few more tall stories before departure for dinner.

Dinner this evening will be at "Spindleshanks Restaurant" which is 2.8 miles from the CalNeva, on your right, West toward Tahoe City, in Tahoe Vista, CA. It is a rustic two story, log  cabin-like building  Easily identifiable sign in front. Parking in front, sides and across the street. This is a very popular spot and we will be taking over a good half of the place. Dinner seating will be a bit more challenging because the table setup runs from tables of 4 to a table for 10/12. However, by this time we should be comfortable enough to handle same.  Its Cocktails/No host bar at 6:30 PM. Our package calls for an appetizer buffet with at least 4 different selections: Our area will  be rearranged a bit for socialization. Dinner is at 7:30 PM. Choice of menu this evening AND you DO NOT have to name your selection until sit-down:

    Soup of the day, or Ceasar Salad, or Mixed Greens
    Cedar Plank Salmon with Blackberry Butter, or
    Chipolte & Lime marinated Brick Chicken, served with a Chile Relleno & guacamole, or
    Grilled New York Steak with a Brandy Green Peppercorn sauce & Whipped Garlic Potatoes, or
    Fettuccine with Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic & Prawns
    (Vegetarian dish available)
    Dessert: Panna Cotta Custard, or
    Chocolate Knockout Cake
    Coffee, Decaf, Hot Tea, rolls, butter

Of course, 2.8 miles back to CalNeva Resort. Road is heavily traveled but not heavily patrolled but ..... drive carefully.

That about takes care of a rather full day. We think you'll enjoy.


Subject: CGA'53/49ER - SITEP 4 & FINAL

Date: Monday, September 30, 2002 10:48 PM


Reminder: Breakfast routine same as in Sitrep 3. And, incidentally,  its the "Sunshine Special Breakfast" that you ask for not Shunsine, whatever that might be.>

This is a more leisurely morning. First scheduled event is the Cable Car ride to "High Camp" at Squaw Valley, sight of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Our Group is "reserved" to take the 12:40 PM Cable Car departure for High Camp (9500 ft). We need to be at/inside the "Cable Car Building) not later than 12:30 PM (See your Squaw Valley map in your package).

The trip from CalNeva to the parking lot at Squaw nearest the Cable  Car is an 18.3 mile trip. Head West out of the CalNeva toward Tahoe City. There is road construction in Tahoe City, so it will be a little slow thru town. As you are about to complete your transit thru Tahoe City, you will come to a Traffic light and what appears to be a "Y" and a choice of left turn or straight ahead with a bias to right. This is real CA te 89 coming  in from the North and turning South to transit the West side of the Lake. Take the "Straight ahead" choice. That is for "Alpine Meadows" & "Squaw Valley" using CA 89 North. The road will soon curve around to the right and parallels the Truckee River which comes out of Lake Tahoe and heads for Reno ... our major water supply. As go along the Truckee you may see people in rubber boats rafting down the river. You will soon pass the "Alpine Meadows" Ski Resort on your left. Continue North. At 15.5 miles from CalNeva on your trip odometer you will see a big display area on your left for Squaw Vally and a left turn lane. Take it and turn left into the entrance.> Proceed until you see the resort (Large meadow on your left with buildings in the distance). Stay on the entrance road until the odometer says 18.3, turn left in front of the "PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn". Your parking area is then ahead 100 yards or so in front of new hotel under construction.

Cable Car Buildung will be just ahead, a bit to your right. It is marked "Cable Car" in large letters. Walk up to and into the building to "huddle" with the rest of us. Wee  or I will have gotten the tickets for everyone and we will depart for High Camp at 12:40PM. The trip up is 10 to 15 minutes.

High Camp will have at least one restaurant open and the manager will have things set up so we can dine and ask questions when we get there.  Lunch is "yoyo" and each orders of the menu. After lunch there are lookout areas, facilities to see and a "1960 Winter Olympics: Museum. Spend as much time up there as you wish. Cable cars run back down  each 20 minutes but stop running at 4:30 this time of the year. Check the exact schedule at the High Camp arrival/departure point. When you get down below, you are also welcome to walk around the facilities there. There are gift shops!

Back to CalNeva at your own pace. 4 PM is Hospitality time again (the  hosts might be a bit late).

Dinner this evening is at what I call the premier restaurant on the North Shore; "Gar Woods". Gar Woods was an early pioneer of race boats on the Lake (1920s & '30s) and around the world. The restaurant is full of memorabilia from the era. The restaurant is right on the Lake and we have a separate dining room on the second floor with an outdoor balcony  with great views. Gar Woods is 5.5 miles West from the CalNeva on the Lake shore road at Carnelian Bay, You will see the restaurant on your left as you approach, Big parking lot by the restaurant and a neat park area by the shore right by the parking lot. No Host Cocktails at our 2nd floor area starting at 6 PM. Dinner is at 7 PM with menu as follows, Again, you do not have to  select until dinner:

    House Salad w/fresh spring greens, roasted red pepper vinaigrette, feta & pecans
    Oven Roast Chicken - herb crust with English mustard beurre blanc over Israeli couscous, or
    Atlantic Salmon - cedar planc roasted served with apple horseradish creme fraicho and garlic mashed potatoes, or
    10 oz bacon wrapped filet with Point Reyes blue cheese butter & herb mashers
    Dessert: White Chocolate Snickers Cheesecake (House sspecialty)
    Coffee, decaf, hot tea, rolls & butter

Table setup will be 4 tables of 8 and two of 6  After our dinner, there will be a group meeting conducted by Wee.

Return trip to the CalNeva, same info as from dinner last night. Ends the scheduled evening.


Reminder: Same breakfast routine. Checkout about 11 AM. If you are going back to Reno and want to take a different route; You can go back past Squaw on CA Rte 89 to Truckee (interesting little town); pick up I-80 East to Reno. I don't think  its the best choice. Some heavy construction on I-80 about 7 miles East of Truckee with possible 20 minute delays. Better choice: Go right out of CalNeva as if going back to Zepher Cove. About half way there U.S. 50 will turn off to the left to Carson City. Decent road is 4 lane with easy curves. Gives good opportunity to see our State Capital as you pick up U.S. 395 North through Carson City on your return to Reno. Other possibilities available - we can talk. Just make it SAFE.

As before, lookin' forward to your visit...............ED & JOAN