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2017 mini-reunion. Kirk & Jackie Greiner have volunteered to act as hosts for this reunion. An email was sent to all classmates using the addresses in the Roster. Some bounced. We sought input where people would like to hold the next reunion. Several cruises were included. Those who responded favored a New England cruise.

When and which ship became the next issues to examine. The "when" was easier to solve. As you know having spent at least 4 years in New England, the autumn color can be fantastic. Looking at a web site that provided historical information on autumn color solved that and it is a link below so you can see for your self. Early October was chosen. Next was what ship. Should we select  large one or a small one. If we want to have a room to meet in, the larger ships are better. They also have more variety of food and things to do. In the end, I looked at the ratings given by the passengers and used that to determine which ship.

It was amazed to learn that this cruise is so popular that no military or group rates are given. During my search for the most favorable prices, I learned that the reason no discounts were given is because this cruise is always sold out. What does this mean to you.  Rates increased 2/11/2017. Cabin availably will soon be limited. This means you should make your reservation as soon as possible. The prices quoted on the Reservations link below, are only good for a few days. New prices will be posted thereafter. If prices go up, those who have make reservations will not have a price increase. If they go down, you will get a refund. ACT NOW and enjoy this very popular cruise with your classmates.

I will post the names of people as they purchase tickets. Please let me know when you order them.

Changes and updates will be posted here as they occur. The current posting is correct as of February 19th.

   Autumn Color

  Historical Weather

   Link to cruise

   About the Ship - includes specialty dining and beverage packages. List of shore side excursions. Up close picture of the ship. Click below.  https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/7NightCanadanewEnglandCruise-SR07N028/about-ship?currencyCode=USD&sAccessibility=false&sDateMin=2017-10-01&sDateMax=2017-10-31&sailDate=10%2f01%2f2017&singleSailingMode=false

   Reservations - prices as of 9 February

   People who have purchased tickets:

  1. Paul & Donna Arnold - Cabin I-3530

  2. Bob & Beverly Benson - Cabin I-3528

  3. Bill & Romy Bruinsma - Cabin I-3022

  4. Dan Colussy & Connie Gordon - Cabin  TS-7672

  5. Rick & Beth Cueroni - Cabin I-3526

  6. Kirk & Jackie Greiner - Cabin I-3520

  7. Ralph & Diane Hill - Cabin I-3014

  8. Bernie & Peggy Hoyland - Cabin I-3524

  9. Roger Madson & Janice Williams - Cabin I-3020

  10. Hal & Sheila Olson - Cabin Q-2001

  11. Wee & Jane Smith cabin - Q-2007

  12. William & Christine Spruston - Friends of Hills - Cabin I-3016

  13. Bob West - Cabin I-3018

  14. Glenn & Betty Young Cabin I-3522

Information Bulletin #1

Information Bulletin #2

Insurance - Vacation Protection Plan - Each of you has been charged for insurance. This is an option and you can cancel it if you don't want it.

To read the policy, go to http://www.archinsurancesolutions.com/coverage/royal and near the bottom of the page there is a drop down box for you to select the state you reside in. Chose the state and the detailed police will pop up. Scroll down to read it.

If you want to cancel it call (858) 622-2904 ext 1. Give the answering concierge your Reservation ID (top of your Booking Reservation. They may insist on a phone number. Tell them you are not a member and just want to change your reservation.

Your rebate may be slightly decreased if you cancel.


Past Reunions

Click on the reunion below you want to view. Most have a link to the names of those who attended, a link to the photographs, and a report. The photographs are "thumbnail" photos and you can left click on them to enlarge them. You may download a photo to your computer by right clicking on the enlarged photo, and save it to your computer. From there you can print it. Most photos have been reduced in size and quality to make downloading faster. Reunion pages in the Golden Tides Rips which appear elsewhere on the site in black & white are copied here in color. 

The 60th Reunion was created by Flicker and appears immediately below as a slideshow. When you bring the cursor to the bottom of the photo you can stop the slide show, continue manually with the arrows at the side of the photo, select a photo to view by clicking on it at the bottom, or restart the slideshow using the right arrow at the bottom left. You can change to full screen by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner (move the cursor there and it will appear. Click again to make smaller. Unfortunately, I know of no way to print the photos. If you are still using Windows XP, click on the link below the black screen.


        We want to recover photos with captions from classmates who have attended other mini or micro reunions which are not included above. If you have digital photos, send them as an attachment to an email to kirk.greiner@gmail.com . Also, if you have the capability to process them first to 700 pixel width and reduced file size for web (about 50 K) that would be appreciated. If not, send them anyway. If you can only send them as hard copy, I will return the originals. Give me as much background information as possible - who, where, when, and what was done. Kirk