On June 2nd, 2011, a beautiful sunny day at the Academy, "our" SHEARWATER was christened with classmates Bob and Beverly Benson, Rick and Beth Cueroni, Hank and Gloria Fisher, Hal Olson, Bill and Mickey Reilly, Wee and Jane Smith, and Bob West able to attend. The SHEARWATER is the first of a series of Leadership 44 boats being built for the Coast Guard Academy. We refer to it as "our" boat because funding for it came primarily from our class.  As a result, we got to name it and chose SHEARWATER. The shearwater is a marine bird. Click HERE to get a full description of it. 

Rick Cueroni, as co-chairman of our fund-raising campaign accepted the naming plaque. An article on the christening with photos was published in the June issue of the CGA Alumni Bulletin and can be viewed by clicking HERE. (Powerpoint presentation)

The slide show centers around our class's representation at the ceremony.