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The Eldercare Team

Bernie Hoylands notes of life as a CG Aviator

Origin of Taps - As our life on earth ends, the tribute paid us will include the sounding of TAPS.

YouTube movies of the EAGLE, video#2, video#3, video#4

Ralph Hill's (Class of '53) letter/diary of the 1952 long cruise (in PDF)

If you love your spouse, and/or your children, read  the following Guide and Wall Street Article.

    Survivor's Guide (PDF - Word 2003) An article on how to arrange your affairs so that your survivor will have all the information on hand to handle your estate.

    The Mess They Left - a story of the survivors and what you could have done to help them.

    Net Worth Excel Spread Sheet (The spreadsheet used with the Survivor's Guide will not open directly from this web site. Do a double left click on it. A window will appear asking if you want to open or save the file. Save it on your computer. Then open the saved file with your Excel program-this is my spreadsheet and free from virus - Kirk)

Coast Guard Recreational Lodging - While recreational lodging by the Cpoast Guard is not well known even in the Coast Guard, there are a number of sites ranging from 4 bedroom homes to motorhome camping spots on the beach. While active duty have first priority, these sites are also available to retired personnel.

This You Tube video is reportedly made by a 15 year old and has been seen by more than 14 million viewers. I thought you might enjoy it.

Coast Guard Internet News Channel

USCG official website.  Includes up to date info on CG related news

CG Academy Alumni Association Web Site

Guide to Cadet Drags

CGA Athletics Web Site

Google's images of  "Eagle"

Discussion and photos of USCG cutters from 1945-2000


Tall Ships Slideshow

Lighthouses - A part of our heritage

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

Patriot website featuring the Coast Guard